Day 1: Biological Sciences Library


At 8:30 Monday morning, the movers started to haul some of the books and journals from Biological Sciences Library to the storage facility called Heinz Road Annex. This will make room in the building for the Physics and Geosciences collections.

Mishaps of the day:
1. Elevator at Biological Sciences quit working for about 20 minutes. It magically started working while the movers were on lunch and before the technician got there.
2. Someone also parked in spot so the moving trucks could not get out as easily.

While the movers were working, library students (Brandon, Kim, and Christine) moved the books remaining in Biological Sciences to make room for the books coming from Physics & Geosciences.


A lot was completed today.

  • All the journals and books from Biological Sciences to storage were moved
  • The remaining books in Biological Sciences were shifted to make room for Geosciences & Physics books.

We’re off to a great start! Good work everyone!