January 28: Injections, Itches, and Institutions: The Experience of Rural Medicine in Iowa, 1910-1950

Portrait of Jennifer GunnPortrait of Jennifer Gunn

The University of Iowa History of Medicine Society and the Iowa Women’s Archives
invite you to hear:
Injections, Itches, and Institutions:
The Experience of Rural Medicine in Iowa, 1910-1950


speakerJennifer Gunn
History of Medicine Endowed Professor
Director of the Institute for Advanced Study
University of Minnesota

Thursday, January 28, 2016, 5:30-6:30
Medical Education Research Facility (MERF) 2117

Free and Open to the Public



When Clara Skott, an Iowa farm wife living in South Dakota during the 1918 influenza pandemic, received a series of injections to stave off the flu, the hypodermic needle was a symbol of modern medical practice. Iowa doctors’ ledger books show “hypos” were a staple of their treatment repertoire. What was in the hypo was not always clear. Clara was given a homegrown influenza vaccine; other patients received barbiturates, vita-mins, or placebos. $1.00 for an injection was beyond the reach of many Iowans. This talk explores country doctors’ practices and the range of ways rural Iowans handled health issues in the first half of the 20th century.




If you are a person with a disability requiring an accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Donna Hirst, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences (donna-hirst@uiowa.edu), 335-9154. The UI History of Medicine Society website is located at: http://hosted.lib.uiowa.edu/histmed/

New Research databases: Historical Annual Reports & Private Company data

The business library has recently acquired two databases:

Mergent Historical Annual Reports (available in Mergent Archives)
This collection starts in the early 1900’s and contains over just over 1,000,000 global annual reports.

Mergent Intellect
Intellect provides Hoovers private company data on over 100 million privately held companies globally (plus 145 million inactive global companies) and allows you the ability to download the data to a spreadsheet – up to 2,000 records at a time. This service also contains information on over 220 million individuals through WhitePages Pro and executive contacts on over 90 million professional decision makers. Also included is global family tree information. Note: The Business library has arranged to trial this database for year

Searching for Food, Diet & Nutrition in PubMed Just Got A Lot Easier!

By Eric Rumsey, Janna Lawrence and Xiaomei Gu

As we’ve written earlier, the way that nutrition, food and diet subjects have been arranged in the MeSH tree explosion system has made it tricky to do comprehensive, all-inclusive searching. This has been the case because the three subjects have been in different places in the MeSH tree structure, so that each of them had to be searched separately, and then combined together to cover the subject. It’s likely that many people have searched only for “nutrition,” since that seems to them like the most general term to cover the field. By doing this, however, they have been missing citations on “food” and “diet,” which actually are much larger explosions in the MeSH tree structure than “nutrition.”

We are happy to report that the newly released MeSH changes for 2016 do have a new explosion that goes a long way to fixing the problem:

Diet, Food, and Nutrition [MeSH page]
… Beverages +
… Food +
… Nutritional Physiological Phenomena +
… … Diet+

This is a great advance! It’s no longer necessary to search nutrition, food and diet subjects because they’re now together in the new explosion –  Click here to see the results of  a search of the new explosion.

There are still a few nutrition-food-diet subjects that the new MeSH explosion does not cover (that are included in our hedge) but for most we recommend the new explosion highly!

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New Resource! Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft Online!



We have just added an exciting new resource to our collection!!

With over 100 years of history, IHS Jane’s is the most trusted and respected public source of defense and security information in the world!
And we now have five of the Jane’s Online Products!

Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: Development & Production

Ion 100, Tandem-seat kitbuilt.

Ion 100 prototype, flanked by second and third trials aircraft

Jane’s All the World Aircraft: Development and Production is the standard in aviation reference, providing exhaustive technical detail on civil and military aircraft that are both in production or are under development around the world. The information provided includes:

  • Aircraft platforms, systems and technologies
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • Photographs and line drawings
  • key contracts, programs, and customers

Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: In Service

Apache Helicopter

Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) AH-64D Apache Longbow tandem-seat advanced attack helicopter (Mike Keep)

Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: In Service is a comprehensive reference resource on both military and commercial aircraft upgrade programs from around the world. It includes:

  • Platforms in service but which are no longer in production
  • Upgrade programs by aircraft type
  • Technical descriptions
  • Manufacturers and upgrade companies


A BQM-167X aerial target being launched at USN's Point Mugu Test Range in 2008 (CEi)

A BQM-167X aerial target being launched at USN’s Point Mugu Test Range in 2008

Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft: Unmanned

Jane’s all the World’s Aircraft: Unmanned is the leading resource for information on hundreds of UAVs, aerial targets and related subsystems that are either in service or under development around the world. It includes information on:

  • Technical details and specifications
  • Payloads
  • Guidance and control systems
  • Customers and contractors


DALLAS (with DDS) (US Navy)

DALLAS (with DDS) (US Navy)


Jane’s Fighting Ships

The world’s most comprehensive and reliable open-source naval reference resource available, Jane’s Fighting Ships covers the navies and coast guards of 165 nations worldwide and provides detailed information on war ships, submarines, aircraft, weapon and sensor systems, both in service and under construction.



It includes information covering:

  • Military vessels in service and under development around the world
  • Detailed platform and subsystem technical data
  • Vessel photographs, drawings, and silhouettes

Jane’s Aero Engines

Carbon titanium fan (Rolls-Royce)

Carbon titanium fan (Rolls-Royce)


Jane’s Aero Engines delivers comprehensive profiles of civil and military gas-turbine engines both in production and in service, for air platforms around the world. It provides A&D businesses with critical independent technical and market intelligence to support effective business development, strategy and product development activity, and giving military and security organizations the information they need to support analysis, planning and procurement activities.


Our subscriptions are only available to on-campus users.


Explore this comprehensive new resource. The sky’s the limit!



Welcome Back Students – Spring semester hours

image by wokandapix @pixabay
image by wokandapix @pixabay

image by wokandapix @pixabay

The Hardin Library for the Health Sciences is now open until Midnight Sunday-Thursday.
A 24-hour study is available when the library is closed.  If you would like access to the 24-hour study, please apply for access at the 3rd floor service desk.

Complete hours available online.

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Use libraries One Button Studio to record what social justice means to you | Just Living Theme Semester

Just Living, the University of Iowa’s Spring 2016 Theme Semester on social justice, will explore values, beliefs, and positioning by examining our past and looking to our future.  Main and Hardin Libraries are partnering with the Just Living theme semester committee on a video project using the library One Button Studios.   Throughout the spring semester students, faculty, staff and community members can use the One Button Studio to record themselves speaking about what social justice means to them.

Prompts for your video:

  • What does social justice mean to you?
  • How are you Just Living?
  • Why do you need social justice?

At the end of each month, videos created will be combined and displayed on the Just Living website. 

Hardin Library will have a table staffed with someone from the Writing Center and someone from the Speech Center, someone to assist using the studio, and free popcorn on Friday, January 22, from 11am-1pm.

Future  events include:

  • ​Tuesday, February 22nd from 4-6pm at the Main Library
  • Thursday, March 10th from 11am-1pm at the Main Library
  • Wednesday, April 20th from 4-6pm at Hardin Library

Hardin Library’s One Button Studio is open whenever the Hardin Library is open.  You can reserve studio time online.

January 2016 Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room @ Hardin Library | Charles Estienne (1504-1564)

Charles Estienne (1504-1564). De dissectione partium corporis humani libri tres. : Apud Simonem Colinaeum, 1545.

Charles Estienne

Charles Estienne

Estienne was a member of the famous Estienne family of printers. He received his medical degree from the University of Paris in 1542, but had been at work on this anatomical magnum opus for many years, as some of the plates are dated 1530 and 1531.

This magnificent folio (oversized) volume is one of the finest of all anatomical treatises. Certainly it was the finest printed in France in the 16th Century. The 62 full-page woodcuts, artistically present the anatomical subjects in special poses before unusual background settings. The anatomy itself is pre-Vesalian in conception and far from being as accurate as Vesalius. Some of the plates show diseased as well as normal anatomy.

You may view this book in the John Martin Rare Book Room, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences.  Make a gift to the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences by donating online or setting up a recurring gift with The University of Iowa Foundation.

Some additional images from this work available online from the National Library of Medicine.

Artist: Étienne de La Rivière,  Engraver:  Jean Jollat,"Mercure," fl.

Artist: Étienne de La Rivière, Engraver: Jean Jollat,”Mercure,” fl.


Hardin Library closed Monday, January 18 for MLK Holiday | Longer hours begin Tuesday, January 19

The Hardin Library for the Health Sciences Library will be closed Monday, January 18 for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.  The library will re-open at 7:30 on Tuesday, January 19.  Spring semester hours begin January 19.

Schedule of University of Iowa events for Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Week 2016

Iowa City Community events for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Farewell and Best of Luck to Andrea Kohashi!

UI Libraries Jill-of-all-trades, master of many, Andrea Kohashi leaves us today to become the University of Richmond’s Archivist and Book Arts Studio Coordinator. Andrea holds an MA in Library and Information Science as well as an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Iowa.

Andrea has been with the University Libraries since September 2011. She has worked in Preservation & Conservation, Special Collections, the Iowa Women’s Archive, and the Center for the Book. One of her projects was a video about her flood recovery work in the conservation department.

Andrea’s most recent publication was an article the Fall 2015 issue of Archive Journal, The Book Artist and the Archivist: A Shared Perspective.  More of her writing is housed in the Iowa Research Online repository.

We congratulate the University of Richmond and will miss Andrea Kohashi’s talent and good cheer!


andrea at farewell party

Andrea (center) at her farewell party in the conservation department.


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