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Special Collections News & Updates 11/30/2016

collections  News of Interest: UI earns No. 1 ranking in university website accessibility: https://now.uiowa.edu/2016/11/ui-tops-in-university-website-accessibility A Snapshot of Cook’s Point (with a shout out to Migration is Beautiful): http://blogs.davenportlibrary.com/sc/2016/10/13/a-snapshot-of-cooks-point/ Staff Publications: Instruction Librarian […]

“At Your Local Library” Interviews with IWA

Image of Rachel Black holding a bookImage of Rachel Black holding a book

Image of Rachel Black holding a bookRachel Black is a graduate assistant in the Iowa Women’s Archives. As part of her graduate work in the School of Library and Information Science she has been working on a project called “@ Your Local Library.”

“@ Your Local Library” is a series of photo essays bringing to life stories of the important work going on behind the scenes in libraries around the area, and posting about them on a WordPress site as well as Tumblr and Facebook.

On the “About” page for her website, Black describes her goals:

“Unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t aware of everything their local library has to offer. They see the books and the computers, but not the new programs or initiatives librarians are working to provide in order to create a happy and healthy community. I started this website in order to share with everyone the different ways librarians are working to benefit their communities.”

As part of the project, Black posted a six part series featuring librarians and staff from the Iowa Women’s Archives. The posts are embedded as a series below. Be sure to check out her pages to read all of the compelling stories of work going on in libraries around The Corridor.









Special Collections News 11/11/2016

Portrait photo of Tom Brokaw - public domain imageNewsfeed: November “Old Gold” column from University Archivist David McCartney, “What Chicago, UI looked like 108 years ago”: https://now.uiowa.edu/2016/11/old-gold-108-years-ago Featuring UI Libraries staff Rob Shepard: Daily Iowa article: Keeping an Eye […]

Special Collections News 11/03/2016

Victoria dressed as Elsa for HalloweenNewsfeed: Edward Gorey’s Reawakening of Dracula by Hannah Hacker: http://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/speccoll/2016/10/24/edward-goreys-reawakening-of-dracula/ Keith/Albee Vaudeville Collection in DIY History! by Justin Baumgartner:  http://blog.lib.uiowa.edu/preservation/2016/10/26/keithalbee-vaudeville-collection-in-diy-history/ 15 Vintage Recipe Collections to Explore (Check out #7!): http://mentalfloss.com/article/87451/15-vintage-recipe-collections-explore […]

Special Collections News 10/21/2016

LGBT float in a paradeNewsfeed: ‘Invisible Hawkeyes’ Celebrates UI’s African American Alumni:  http://www.press-citizen.com/story/news/education/university-of-iowa/2016/10/20/invisible-hawkeyes-celebrates-uis-african-american-alumni/92424070/ The UI Libraries is holding an Instagram Scavenger Hunt. Deadline is December 1st: http://guides.lib.uiowa.edu/instagramcontest Google Scholar | Change settings to find full-text […]

Special Collections News 10/14/2016

Newsfeed: Why Study Fan Archives?: An Interview with Abigail De Kosnik (Part Two) from Henry Jenkins’ blog:  http://henryjenkins.org/2016/10/why-study-fan-archives-an-interview-with-abigail-de-kosnik-part-two.html     Highlights From Social Media: This visitor has been appearing for #FridayFrights […]
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Special Collections News 9/30/2016

14494808_10210144147297106_2260681333170170544_nNewsfeed: Lichtenberger Library Stretches Imagination.  http://daily-iowan.com/2016/09/29/lichtenberger-library-stretches-imagination/ Jim Downey preserves history as a book conservator.  http://www.voxmagazine.com/arts/books/james-downey-preserves-history-as-a-book-conservationist/article_e7617891-4e3a-50b7-b4dc-7da414277c1e.html As the UI prepares for its 104th-annual Homecoming, traditions new and old are explored.  http://daily-iowan.com/2016/09/30/homecoming-roars-into-town/http://daily-iowan.com/2016/09/30/homecoming-roars-into-town/ Randy […]