BBC Monitoring: Summary of World Broadcasts — Trial ends 15 April 2023

BBC Monitoring: Summary of World Broadcasts is now available as a digital primary source collection from Readex. Featuring nearly 70,000 individual multi-page reports – brought together in partnership with the BBC —  BBC Monitoring explores new and vital background on 20th-century events.

NB: The collection is still being loaded and will not be complete until Fall 2023.

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POLITICO Pro – Trial ended 26 July 2017

POLITICO Pro is a premium policy news and information resource designed specifically to keep students, faculty and researchers on college campuses in lock-step with the unprecedented pace of developments in our current political climate.

A large and expert policy newsroom of 114 reporters provides universities real-time, interdisciplinary policy news and the ability to interact/consult with students and faculty via email on critical political developments as they are happening. POLITICO’s resource offers broad and granular coverage along 16 unique industry areas: Healthcare, Technology, Energy, Environment, Immigration, Education, Financial Services, etc.

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