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New Sciences Research & Instruction Librarian

I’m Sara Scheib, the new Sciences Research & Instruction Librarian. I am looking forward to meeting with students and faculty members in the Sciences departments. I earned my MA in Library & Information Science at the University of Iowa, and my BA in International Relations from Beloit College. I have several years of library experience atContinue reading “New Sciences Research & Instruction Librarian”

Day 4: Physics, Biology, & Geosciences

Today, the movers have been at all three libraries. They began today at Physics collecting the rest of the books and journals. Other movers brought these physics materials to Biological Sciences and the storage facility. Then, the books and journals brought to Biological Sciences has to be put back onto shelves. Once the first crew was finished with Physics, they started moving the booksContinue reading “Day 4: Physics, Biology, & Geosciences”