Frontier Life – Trial ended 7 October 2016

Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlement, and Colonial Encounters is a digital collection of primary source documents that helps us to understand existence on the edges of the anglophone world from 1650-1920. Discover the various European and colonial frontier regions of North America, Africa and Australasia through documents that reveal the lives of settlers and indigenous peoples in these areas.

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World’s Fairs — Trial ended 26 April 2016

World’s Fairs: A Global History of Expositions showcases a diverse range of primary source material to represent the origination and planning of fairs, the experience of visiting them and the physical, cultural and political legacies they leave behind. With content from hosting and participating countries from every continent, imperial history, race and national identity are key themes. World’s fairs were also some of the first examples of mass events where millions attended and were entertained by the theatres, performers and amusement rides that went on to shape popular culture.

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Indian Claims Insight – Trial ended 1 Jan 2016

Indian Claims Insight allows users to research the history of U.S. Indian claims from 1789-present. Unique compiled docket histories provide legal researchers with the ability to quickly search the full text of all content related to each claim, which can be narrowed on-the-fly to pinpoint a topic. The compilation includes not only court documents, but also cited treaties, related congressional publications, and maps to facilitate the ability of researchers to fully understand the specifics of each case without leaving the docket history page.

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