Routledge Handbooks Online Remote Sensing, GIS, and Radar Collection – Trial ended 30 April 2021

Routledge Handbooks Online Remote Sensing, GIS, and Radar Collection addresses environmental, societal, and industry changes surrounding the field. Content topics include unmanned aerial systems, satellite navigation systems, sensor systems and technology, compressive sensing, image simulation and image processing, spatial metadata, GIS data and mapping, GIS technology, the online applications of GIS, and more.

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Terrorism, Populism, & Extremism ebook collection – Trial ended 9 April 2021

The Terrorism, Populism & Extremism ebook collection provides both historical and contemporary context for the rise of populism and extremism. It is multi-disciplinary and features works drawing on history, political science, sociology, cultural studies and security studies among others. (Please ignore the “Request Trial” button)

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Three (3) Adam Matthew databases – Trial ended 21 December 2020

Literary Studies comprises literary manuscripts, rare printed works, and personal papers of a range of leading British and American literary figures, as well as unique access to a goldmine of rare and obscure literary texts and genres.

Nineteenth Century Literary Society introduces an unparalleled repository for nineteenth century culture and the literary luminaries who shaped it through this collection from the historic John Murray Archive. 

Victorian Popular Culture is a portal comprising four modules, inviting users into the darkened halls, small backrooms, big tops and traveling venues that hosted everything from spectacular shows and bawdy burlesque, to the world of magic, spiritualist séances, optical entertainments and the first moving pictures. 

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AAPT Archive Collection – Trial ended 4 September 2021

The AAPT Book Archive collection includes 34 titles originally published in print between 1977 and 2017. In partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), AIP Publishing is digitizing a backlist of classic texts, making the full text available in HTML online for the first time.

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nkoda Digital Sheet Music Library – Trial ended 25 September

nkoda is the “Spotify of sheet music.”

For a 14-day trial please go to and follow these steps:

  1. It’s important to go through the process on the link provided, before downloading the app
  2. Once you’re on the trial page, enter your email address in the field provided
  3. Click ‘Get started’
  4. Fill out your details to create your account
  5. Click ‘Next’
  6. Your account has been created, and you now have free access to nkoda for 14 days
  7. Click on the relevant App Store link to download the app
  8. Once you have the app downloaded, click ‘Log in/Restore’
  9. Click ‘Or log in via e-mail’
  10. Fill in the details created on the trial page, press ‘Login’, and you’re ready to start exploring!

You can also find a tutorial at

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