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Ethnic NewsWatch INCLUDING HISTORY COLLECTION – Trial ends 23 September 2016

Ethnic NewsWatch includes journals, magazines, and newspapers from ethnic and minority presses. The current collection, Ethnic NewsWatch™, covers 1990-present, and the historical collection, Ethnic NewsWatch: A History™, spans 1959-1989. Ethnicities include: African American/Caribbean/African; Arab/Middle Eastern; Asian/Pacific Islander; European/Eastern European; Hispanic; Jewish; Native People.

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(NB: The UI Libraries currently has a subscription to Ethnic NewsWatch without the historical content.)


United Nations iLibrary – Trial ends 30 September 2016

United Nations iLibrary includes publications, journals and series comprising facts and expertise on international peace and security, human rights, economic and social development, climate change, international law, governance, public health, and statistics. In future releases, the platform will also provide access to other resources such as working papers series and statistical databases.

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