Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions

Twenty-two universities and colleges have formed the Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (Coapi) to “collaborate and share implementation strategies and advocate on a national level for institutions with open access policies”.

University of Kansas Dean of Libraries Lorraine Haricombe said:

“Society depends on universities for the creation of new knowledge, so we have a responsibility to disseminate and share that knowledge to gain the most benefit for science and society. This new coalition will offer academic institutions an opportunity to stand together and establish open access to knowledge in the sciences and humanities as a broad societal norm.”

Marc L. Greenberg, professor and chair of the Slavic Languages and Literatures department added:

“I always keep the idea of ‘knowledge as a public good’ in mind in doing  work for open access and I view what we do as part of renegotiating the social contract between universities and society. Universities belong to the public.”

See for more information and a list of participating institutions.