Report on the ARL Workshop on Stewardship of Digital Data Sets

The final report of the ARL Workshop on digital data stewardship, To Stand the Test of Time: Long-term Stewardship of Digital Data Sets in Science and Engineering, is now available via

The report of a two-day, NSF-funded workshop, examines the role of research and academic libraries with other partners in the stewardship of scientific and engineering digital data. Workshop participants explored issues concerning the need for the new partnerships and collaborations among domain scientists, librarians, and data scientists to better manage digital data collections, necessary infrastructure development to support digital data, and the need for sustainable economic models to support long-term stewardship of scientific and engineering digital data for the Nation’s cyberinfrastructure.

The workshop report builds on prior studies supported by NSF. It reflects the recognition, voiced in many NSF workshop reports, that digital data stewardship is fundamental to the future of scientific and engineering research and the education enterprise and hence to innovation and competitiveness. Overall, it is clear that an ecology of institutional arrangements among individuals and organizations, sharing an infrastructure, will be required to address the particularities of heterogeneous digital data and diverse scholarly and professional cultures.
You may also be interested in Chris Greer’s (NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure) presentation to the NSF Advisory Committee for Cyberinfrastructure ( ) . His presentation provides additional detail on the “National Digital Data Framework Launch Concept.”

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