Disaster Response Drill

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today we put into practice everything that we had learned over the five days. When students came to class they learned that there had been a “disaster.” They had to work in teams to recover the water and mud covered CDs, photographs, and books. They even had to deal with the paparazzi who asked them about the disaster and how much it would cost to recover. They knew that they should just tell the reporter that they didn’t know the extent of the damage and were working to stabilize the situation.

They learned that snakes and bugs could be a problem and that they needed to take appropriate precautions. They rinsed the books and packed them for freeze drying and set the CDs and photographs aside for air drying.

They learned that working in a team is a good thing. No one can handle a disaster onhis/her own. Students were encouraged practice the drills with colleagues once back home.