My Aunt’s Dinner

Monday, July 5, 2010

We checked our books after 5 days of air drying to see if they were dry. None were completely dry. Although several looked dry, when we touched the pages with the palms of our hands, the pages felt cool which meant they were still damp. A few books were ready to press. The rest we set out to air dry. We’ve learned that air drying takes a lot of patience.

We continue to learn about being prepared for a disaster.Today we did an exercise called ” My Aunt’s Dinner,” an exercise learned from the Campbell Center in Illinois. We divided into teams and discussed how we could host a dinner for 40 relatives after our Aunt had a fire in her kitchen and asked the team to host the dinner. The team had two days to host the dinner.

Some teams decided to call the relatives and delay the dinner. Other teams held the dinner on the regularly scheduled day and asked the relatives to bring chairs, dishes and a prepared dish. This exercise put the team through the disaster planning steps and had a group work together to deal with a disaster.