Do you have this book? How can I tell?

The University of Iowa Libraries has one of the largest research collections of books in the United States.  Finding books in our catalog can be tricky, but we’ve got some tips to make it easier.

  1. InfoHawk+ is the library catalog and resource discovery tool.




2. Without filling in the search box, click on the magnifying glass of the InfoHawk+ search bar.

search bar




3. You should be moved to another screen.  At this screen, select “Library Catalogs” from the dropdown menu.




4.  Enter your search terms into the box.  You can search by author, title, or a combination.




5. If the library owns the book, you should get some results.  The results are sorted by relevance.  In most cases, this means the newest book is at the top of the list, but not always.














Didn’t find what you wanted?

  • Try using more or less words
  • Click on “Books” under Resource Type on the left side menu
  • Try adding an author’s last name to the title
  • Ask the Hardin Library for help

Library doesn’t appear to own something that you need?

Library only has an online version available, but you want a paper copy?