RefWorks Enhancements

With the New Year comes a new release of Refworks!  In addition to general stability improvements, the new release has several enhancements.  Of these, one of the most exciting is the new Drag-and-Drop functionality for the Quick Access bar which means that users can click on the grey bar above any reference summary and drag the item to the Quick Access bar.

This image shows the ability to click on a citation and drag it into a folder.

In addition, usability revisions include new icons in the Organize & Share Folders area for Twitter, Facebook and over 300 other social bookmarking cites. You can easily share folders with all your Facebook friends or on Twitter with the click of a button.

Image of icons in RefWorks for sharing ciations to social media.

 Also, users will now be able to create New Folders directly from the Add to Folder icon. This makes the process much more seamless since you won’t have to change screens if you need a new folder after importing new references.

 This is an image of the option for creating new folders.


As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you with RefWorks whether you are just starting out or a long time user.