Much of my use of Twitter is to tweet links to articles. Frequently when people tweet links to articles, the actual title of the article is not mentioned, only the person’s comment about the article. This is certainly fine and useful, but when I go to compose my own retweet, I like to see the original title of the article also, because I may judge it to be of interest to my followers. So I often combine the tweet text and the original title in my retweet. The great beauty of Flipboard is that it makes it easy to work in this way — The article itself is seamlessly connected to the tweet, right on one screen. I think of this as seeing the tweet in its “full context.”

Unfortunately, Flipboard does not provide a space to work with the tweet text and the article title together. So I combine the “Reteet with Comment” button with the “Email Link” button to send the text of both to my email, and compose a retweet from there. I’ve made a set of Flickr slides that show this process. It might look complicated, but with the smooth iPad multitouch interface, the process only takes 15-20 seconds. The illustration below is a brief composite of the slides showing the process. To see all slides, click the illustration below, or go here.

Here’s the text that’s in red in the composite slide above:

At this point, you can do one of two things – You can retweet directly, by tapping “Send.” Or, what I usually do, you can copy the text of the tweet, and send it to yourself via Email, along with the full title information for the linked article. To do that, tap the copy button, then close the white box, by tapping outside it. (If you get a “Clear Message?” box, tap OK)

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