5 thoughts on “Google Plus has a Metadata Problem – No Titles

  1. Not sure how I missed this post or why I failed to appreciate the missing titles. I had noticed inconsistencies with search results from Google+, i.e. some posts not showing up, and the “weird looking” results, but I failed to make the connection to titles.

    Actually, I think that’s not an easy issue for them. We faced the same question at webdoc. When you want people to be spontaneous, like on Facebook or Twitter, giving them an empty box to type their title can be intimidating. OTOH, if you want people to create meaningful content that can be easily found, that title is mighty important.

    Even though I’m not using Google+ anymore, I’ll be interested to see how this plays out.

  2. I think that Google still has many things to fix. Personally I think they should work better integration of their social network with its search system so that both work together.

  3. Maybe Google wants to maintain a distinction between their search results and their social network. For search, the goal is to deliver relevant, useful content. Maybe they believe that the social media footprint would be too large, and effectively stomp out all of the genuine organic content? :????

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