I’ve been using Twitter account names a lot recently in retweeting — They’re good, attention-grabbing handles. It’s easy to find out if a company has an account, by simply adding the obvious name to the twitter.com/xxxx URL. That usually works, as shown below. But not for Apple.

Almost all of the tech giants do have an active Twitter account, under their obvious names. Here are a few (from my tweet) – ericrumseytemp: Thanks for being on Twitter: @Twitter @Facebook @Microsoft @IE @FireFox @Google @Amazon @Dell @eBay

And here are the names that Apple has chosen not to claim and use, again, from my tweet – ericrumseytemp: Why doesn’t Apple do Twitter? – @Apple @iTunes @iPad @Mac @Appleinc @Apple_inc

There have been speculations about Apple’s not using Twitter — Last year Dave Greenbaum in GigaOm speculated (wrongly so far) that Apple would be Twittering  soon, and there’s even a Quora article Why doesn’t Apple have a Twitter account? In March, Dutch blogger Kees Henniphof wrote that Apple doesn’t do social, pointing out that Apple’s non-social media choice extends beyond Twitter to other media like Facebook and LinkedIn, and says that by their non-participation, Apple is making “a statement.” I’d say they’re missing an opportunity.

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  1. I wonder why. Do they see it as a passing fad? I would hope not. Or is it that Apple didn’t create these resources so then why would Apple use them? (closed off environment). Or is because they have created superior products and don’t need to monitor the chatter that is of course only praising their products?

    As I type this on an iPad I must mention that despite what Apple likes/doesn’t like, I (the customer) miss and need flash. If only Apple was there to listen on these outlets they might have discovered this before the release of the iPad2.

    Maybe I am being harsh. Certainly Apple is getting something right since they have sold so many products. My question is as consumers consume more technology will they eventually grow tired of the Apple restrictions?


  2. Alisha, See Don Linn’s comment. Also note, as my article mentions, that it’s not only Twitter that Apple opts out of — The also don’t do other social media e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn. I guess Apple just “thinks different.”

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