The Books in Browsers conference that met at the Internet Archive in San Francisco October 21 & 22 was a great experience for me and I’m sure for most of the approximately 100 attendees.

Follow-up: Conference reports & Commentaries – Most recent at the top

Presentations – List is derived from the pre-conference Agenda. Twitter addresses are included for presenters who have them — For other attenders on Twitter see here.

Thursday, October 21

  • Allen Noren (@allennoren), O’Reilly Media – Books in Browsers
  • Bill McCoy, Webpaper – Browsers for Books: Formats and User Experiences for Digital Reading   [Slides]
  • Dominique Raccah (@draccah), Sourcebooks – Immersion: What we actually know about adding media to books
  • Waldo Jaquith (@jaquith), VQR – EPUB for website producers
  • Keith Fahlgren (@abdelazer), Ibis Reader – Piercing the Clouds: Privacy, Confidentiality, and Web-based Reading   [Slides]
  • Nicole Ozer, ACLU – Digital Books: A New Chapter for Reader Privacy
  • Jason Schultz (@jason_schultz_), UC Berkeley – Using open licenses to ensure reader privacy
  • SJ Klein (@metasj), OLPC – Rural uses of browser books   [Description: PPT Slides]
  • Jim Fruchterman (@JRandomF), Benetech – Accessibility for browser based books
  • Joseph Pearson (@josephpearson), Inventive Labs – How we’re using Monocle in the Labs
  • Minh Truong (@minh_truong), Aldiko – Books and Apps
  • Daihei Shiohama, Voyager Japan – From mobile comics to broad platform experiences
  • Michael Ang (@mangbot), Internet Archive – Designing books for touch   [Slides in New version of BookReader | Old version]
  • Keynote: Brian O’Leary (@brianoleary), Magellan Partners – A Unified Field Theory of Publishing   [Full-text]
  • Evening Keynote: Books in Browsers – Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive   [Video & Text]

Friday, October 22

  • Keynote: Bob Stein (@ifbook), If:Book – For publishers, working together to support an open-source platform for Social Reading is the key to taking the initiative back from Amazon, Apple and Google   [Background]
  • Keynote: Richard Nash (@R_Nash), Cursor Books – Remember, the reader writes, too… On how discoverability begins with the writer.
  • Kovid Goyal, Calibre – An Alexandria in every neighborhood
  • Aaron Miller (@bookglutton), Bookglutton – A network of Books [Slides]
  • Otis Chandler (@otown), GoodReads – Finding Shelf Space in a World Without Shelves   [Slides]
  • Hadrien Gardeur (@Hadrien), Feedbooks – A Connected Bookshelf   [Slides]
  • Michael Tamblyn (@mtamblyn), Kobo Books – Life Among the Freegans: The Co-Existence of Free Books, Paid Books, and the People Who Read Them
  • Erin McKean (@emckean), Wordnik – Things are looking up for looking things up?
  • Eli James (@shadowsun7), Novelr – Pandamian: A Publishing Support Layer   [Full-text]
  • Kevin Franco (@FRANCOMEDIA), Francomedia – Thriller-based Transmedia and the reader experience
  • Fran Toolan (@ftoolan), Firebrand – A Conversation: Rights in the Book Web
  • Keynote: Matthew Bernius (@mattBernius), RIT – Returning to the Canon for Inspiration: Vannevar Bush, Walter Benjamin, and the future of reading   [Links]
  • Pecha Kucha 7 …
    Blaine Cook (@blaine), Romeda
    Craig Mod (@craigmod), “Post Artifact Story Telling”
    Jacob Lewis (@jacoblewism), Figment
    Cart Reed (@Ebooq), Ebooq

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