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  1. I agree that Allen started a conversation that I was happy to pick up (along with others) in the afternoon. One of the great things about the “Books in Browsers” conference was its adept cascade of related and inter-related ideas. I’m still thinking about much of what I heard. Kudos to the Internet Archive and in particular the program organizers, led by Peter Brantley.

  2. again with the rushdie stuff?
    i’m still not buying it, eric…

    (but i see now that you had
    replied to my post over there,
    so i’ll go reply to your reply.)

    and yes, you’re right about
    the richness of the google
    “about this book” page, but
    some of us have seen that
    for a very long time now…

    it’s funny how some people
    think something is “ignored”
    just because _they_ haven’t
    paid any attention to it, or
    listened to people who have.

    i mean, really, i can walk y’all
    through the various sections
    of the “about” page, reporting
    who has discussed it before,
    if you really want to do that.

    as you note, you were in this
    neck of the woods 2 years ago.

    it’s a pity you weren’t giving
    keynotes back in 2008, eh?


  3. Eric, I was thinking the same thing about Google Books as I followed the conference last week via tweets and as I later read/watched presentations as they got posted (those that were, anyway).

    Do you follow the @googlebooks tweets? I think they actually do a great job of highlighting the power of what they have, mostly by quirky but illustrative examples. After following a few of their links, I think you see the leading edge if not more of what Brian as well as Hugh McGuire, Kevin Kelly and others have been outlining coming to life.

  4. Yes, @googlebooks — sort of a quote a day from a book in Google Books — is a good idea. I’m surprised that I rarely see scholarly people making links like that to passages they cite — I’d expect Wikipedia writers to be early ones to pick up on this, but I rarely see it.

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