In July, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone declared, to much media splash, that Twitter is the world’s fastest growing search engine.

In May, I started noticing that Twitter search, that formerly extended back 10 days, was only going back 4-5 days. What gives, Biz? If it’s growing so fast, why cut back the time of searches?

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0 thoughts on “Twitter Search Fast Growing? Why Cut from 10 days to 5?

  1. Thanks Replyz, for the comment and the mention on your blog. I’m excerpting from your article there:

    Eric Rumsey of Seeing the Picture posts that Twitter search is only extending back five days now, while it used to extend back at least ten. I wasn’t aware of that specific drop in half, but I had noticed in the last few days that after paging back in Twitter search results, I often hit a dead end, generally on page four or five or so with: “We’re givin’ ya all she’s got, Captain! Please wait a moment and try again.” I figured it was just like the fail wail, but now I wonder if this is related to the lessened archive-reach Eric has noticed.

    Either way, I imagine this is volume-related, and only temporary. …

    Eric says: I’ve been noticing this consistently since May, so I doubt that it’s temporary.

  2. Thanks for responding Eric. Yeah, you’re right, three months at 5 days would seem to indicate a permanent pattern. Noticed something was up, but hadn’t put a number on it until I saw your post. Btw, have you seen Google Realtime? Will be interesting to see how far back they go…

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