In my early work with Hardin MD, I observed that some of the best contributors were from outside the US. I’ve observed something similar on the Web in general, that people with significant connections to other countries excel in Web work disproportionately to their numbers. Several articles on this blog are on subjects that relate to the excellent work done by people around the world, so I’ve been thinking about a category name to bring these articles together. I discussed earlier the idea of using World-Wide for this, but that doesn’t distinguish the idea from the good ol’ “world-wide web,” so I’ve decided to give it a bit more branding and uniqueness by using the category WIDE-WORLD to denote strong connections outside the US.

In a separate article I’ll talk about how I discovered the concept of the WIDE WORLD web, starting with my work with Hardin MD, and broadening over the years to Google, Apple, and Twitter. In other articles, I’ll extend this discussion — emphasizing especially stories I’ve written about on this blog — and say why I think it is that WIDE WORLD users have made contributed so disproportionately to building the Web. In short, I’m suggesting there are two reasons for this — First, the valuing of simplicity & elegance and second, a heightened appreciation for storytelling.

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