Marginalia — writing notes in the margins of books and other forms of user annotation — has seemed like an interesting idea that might be applied in eBooks. So I keep an eye out for examples of it in print books, and came across a new field recently — Devoted Bible readers, who, of course, make many notes and annotations of all kinds. The first one below is called a “wide margin Bible” and the second is a “journaling Bible.” …

Here’s one you can buy


And from Flickr user J. Mark Bertrand


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  1. I fear with the advent of the ebook Marginalia will become a thing of the past. You can rarely share an ebook and I have yet to hear of a reader that keeps the notes you make on a book and then allow those notes to be transfered with the ‘borrowed’ book. But as an English major, I write all over all my books. I want to be able to remember what I read and see how I have changed when and if I ever come back to that book

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