I recently fell into a nice little example of how tweets “accumulate wisdom” as they get retweeted — Starting with a simple “link to a good site” sort of tweet, then someone finds an especially good specific page down inside the good site and retweets that, then the next retweeter sees an interesting angle on that page and adds a hashtag for it … The ball just rolls along … Until it eventually leads to a series of good comments on my blog … all because of that simple little tweet that started the ball rolling …

The ball started rolling when I saw this tweet, that links to the Genetic Science Learning Center home page at Univ of Utah …

ettagirl: Learn.Genetics | Univ of Utah site about genetics, bioscience and health http://bit.ly/3fLrZu
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I found a cool specific page at the Utah site that I thought would be more likely to draw interest than just linking to the home page …

ericrumseytemp: Cell Size & Scale – Move Slider – WOW! (Univ Utah, via @ettagirl) – http://bit.ly/YwzA8
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Hugo Buriel (@BurielWebwerx) found my tweet, and in retweeting it, he made the perceptive connection to Seadragon (see my words about it below), which I hadn’t thought of  …

BurielWebwerx: RT @ericrumseytemp Cell Size & Scale – Move Slider – WOW! (@ettagirl) – http://bit.ly/YwzA8 (expand) <– time for some #MooTools/#Seadragon
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The Slider tool at Utah does indeed look like pages viewed with Seadragon, an innovative Microsoft technology for seamless zooming. I became interested in Seadragon a year ago, and even wrote a posting about it, so I wrote a tweet to link to that posting …

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This was (I assume) seen by Graham Storrs (@graywave) on Twitter, and so he sent in his useful comments to the blog article.

Eric Rumsey is at: eric-rumseytemp AttSign uiowa dott edu and on Twitter @ericrumseytemp

7 thoughts on “Keep the Ball Rolling: Twitter & Blogging Together

  1. And whoever does that dissertation should look at which directions the ball rolls in. I imagine there would be some interesting network/graph theory results from following the paths. I bet ball-rolling is a ‘small world’ phenomenon, for instance, with a few, key pages/tweets forming nexuses and others leaping across to start new ‘islands’.

  2. Frank, Thanks for Keeping the Ball Rolling with your comment! … Before publishing, I labored a good bit over the title, and I do like “Keep the Ball Rolling …” But I also like your idea of Blog-Tweet *Synergy* — If I’d thought of it myself, I might have used it in the title. I’ll keep it in mind for future use 🙂

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