Ben Lorica’s excellent post at O’Reilly Radar (Waiting for the Billionth Download) is full of details about iPhone apps. A bit overshadowed is the growth in the Books category. I’ve done some clipping and rearranging on one of Lorica’s charts to bring this out — Note that the Rate-of-Change for books in the last 3 months is at least double the rate for all other categories except Travel.

Another notable growth category shown here is Medical — Though its share of all apps is still small, it’s the third fastest-growing app, behind books and travel.

Here’s Lorica’s text on books:

Measured in terms of number of unique apps Books remains the fastest-growing category: during the week ending 4/12/2009, 11% of the apps in the U.S. store were in the Books category. Books has surpassed the Utilities category and may soon overtake the Entertainment category. Over the past week, Kindle for iPhone was the top app in the Books category.

Here’s the whole chart from Lorica’s article, with all 20 categories of apps:

Thanks to Twitter stars @adamhodgkin and @mtamblyn for highlighting Lorica’s article.

One thought on “Books the fastest growing iPhone app — By far

  1. Eric this is fascinating. I never thought books would be so fast growing. But more surprising is the medical part.

    I think it shows that people use the iphone rather as an information resource, in opposite to what most other mobile phone user do – gaming or watching TV.

    Thanks for breaking it down.
    This chart can also be helpful for developers of applications for the iphone. It might be good to have a close look in the book section.

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