Last week the National Academy of Sciences announced that “more than 9,000 Academies reports” are now available through Google Book Search, upon completion of “the first phase of a partnership with Google to digitize the library’s collection of reports from 1863 to 1997.” This sounds like good news, but it’s hard to evaluate the exact nature of the NAS documents that have become available, since neither the NAS press release nor Google give any indication of how to search the newly available documents in Google Book Search.

The NAS press release uses the word “reports” to describe the newly available documents. In its long history, the NAS has had several named series (below), and one of those is in fact “Report of the NAS.” But the example documents in the NAS press release are not part of that (or any other) series, so apparently the use of the word “report” in the press release is meant more as a generic description of the documents.

As far as I can tell, the only way to find NAS documents in Google Book Search is to search for “national academy of sciences” — This retrieves a mix of monographic sorts of titles, and series titles. Some have apparently been digitized and NAS, and others have been digitized at participating libraries. Below, I’m listing the main NAS series I find, that are in full-view, freely-available mode.

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