The list presented here has FULL VIEW (public domain, pre-1923) journals in Google Books. This is certainly NOT intended to be a complete list! There’s no easy way that I have found to limit a search in Google Books to journals, so I have found these titles by searching for appropriate words such as medical, dermatology, journal, archive, transactions. I have not included titles that have less than 5 volumes in Google Books. Unfortunately, there’s no way that I have found to sort the title searches chronologically, so to find a particular volume, it’s necessary to go through the results list. Each entry in the list below has links to the first and last volumes that I have found for each title; these dates are not necessarily inclusive. For “contributing libraries,” examples are given if there is more than one contributing library.

This list grew a lot longer than I thought it would — I was surprised to find so many journals in Google Books! It was a tedious job compiling this, and I probably won’t try to keep it current, with new volumes being added all the time. If I get feedback 🙂 I’m more likely to put in more work on it, so please add a comment, or mail me at: eric[hyphen]rumseytemp AT uiowa[dot]edu

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  1. thank you for your help
    iam a physcian and qualified for master degree in tropical medicine.iam in need for any articles or texts about hypoglycaemia in CLD

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