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When I started this list in Dec, 2008, Google did not provide a list of their own — Thankfully, they provided one in Nov, 2009 (their announcement is Here, their list is Here). Assuming they keep up their list, I will probably not add to the list provided here. Comparing their list with mine now (11/12/09), they have everything on my list except one title (Log home living). Good start, Google, Hope you keep it up 🙂

Please note: the dates given for titles is not necessarily inclusive! Some are quite spotty.

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8 thoughts on “Google Magazines – Titles

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  3. Aha. I see you have edited this to add sixteen titles since I linked to this admirable entry months ago.

    I returned here after finding Billboard. The earliest issue I see is Jan. 3, 1942, and the latest is Nov. 29, 2008, so you may want to adjust your list.

    Wish Boys’ Life stretched back to the era when I was a Scout. But that was a very long time ago…

  4. I found some additional titles for your list:

    Cincinnati Wedding, 2001-2008
    DieCastX Magazine, Winter 2005-Spring 2009
    ELLEgirl, Autumn 2001-Jan 2007
    GameAxis Unwired, Aug 2004-Dec 2008
    Guitar World, Jan 2007-Feb 2009
    HWM, 2001-2008
    Handcrafted Homes, 1985-2004
    National Parks, 2004-2008
    Network World, 1986-2003
    Orange Coast Magazine, 1979-2008 (w/gaps)
    Revolver, Jan 2007-Mar 2009
    San Diego Magazine, Feb 2004-Feb 2009
    Tampa Bay Magazine, 2006-2008
    Texas Monthly, Feb 1973-Dec 1979
    Timber Home Living, 2001-2003
    Vibe, Apr 1989, Sep 1993-2008
    VIBE Vixen, Nov 1993, Mar 2002-Sep 2007

    I wonder what in Google’s policy does not allow them to share a list of their periodicals, as most commercial databases do.

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