I Just came across an old but still current article by Roy Tennant — Digital Libraries- The Other E-Books — written in 2001. Tennant says:

When People refer to e-books, they typically mean device-dependent e-books (ER: bold added, see below) such as those marketed by Gemstar (ER: a long-gone pre-Kindle reader) … The term infrequently seems to encompass efforts by libraries, universities, or others to publish e-books on the net for free.

Writing three years before Google Books launched, Tennant seems prophetic — I thought I was being rather original 😉 in my posting of last week — Are Google Books eBooks? — but Tennant made an inroad into the discussion long ago! Of course, what Tennant refers to as “libraries, universities, or others” has now turned into Google Books.

Meta-story – How I stumbled on this article – In thinking about how to refer to different types of ebooks, I wanted to try out the term “device dependent ebook,” so I Googled it, and Voila! — I saw that Roy’s 2001 article was #1 >> Google search: device dependent ebook

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