Over the last three years, we have added close to 800 pictures on about 100 diseases/conditions to Hardin MD.

As the volume of pictures has grown, providing access to them becomes more difficult. For some time, we have grouped pictures on specific disease conditions into small galleries, each with about 3-12 pictures (ant bites, athletes foot, atopic dermatitis below). Recently, however, we have expanded the gallery format, broadening it into larger gallery collections, which have links to the smaller galleries.


Use of the gallery format has been very effective in increasing access to our pictures — We are finding that users are much more likely to click thumbnail disease links deeper on the page than when a list of text links is provided.

In addition to the gallery collection pages for AIDS, cancer, and child diseases, which are shown on the gallery gateway page above, there are also gallery collections for foot problems, herpes, insect bites, mouth sores, nail problems, oral diseases, skin rashes, STD’s, and tropical diseases, all of which are linked on the inclusive gallery page.

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