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Judith Houck, Univ. of Wisconsin will speak on The Medicalization of Menopause over the past 100 years

Judith Houck, Assoc. Professor of Medical History, History of Science, & Gender and Women’s Studies, Dept. of Medical History and Bioethics, University of Wisconsin-Madison will speak on “The medicalization of menopause over the past 100 years”,   Thursday, October 25, 2012, 5:30-6:30,  Room 401, Univ. of Iowa Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

How did menopause change from being a natural and welcome end to a woman’s childbearing years to a deficiency disease in need of medical and pharmacological intervention? Judith Houck traces the history of this transformation over the last 100 years, exploring how pharmacological options, cultural ideas and anxieties of the moment affected medical and popular understandings of menopause at any given time.