Happy National Library Week!

As you may know, this week is National Library Week and today is Library Worker’s Day (April 10, 2012). In celebration, a poster has been placed on our exhibit board in appreciation of everyone that works at Hardin.

In addition, we will be having a little guessing game for library patrons. At the 3rd floor desk, I’ve placed a little iced tea/lemonade jug with a bunch of M&M’s. The amount of M&M’s in that jug is approximately equal to the amount of people who visited Hardin Library on April 2, 2012. If you can guess that amount, you will win the jug of M&M’s. To participate, write your name, email address and best guess on a slip of paper and place it in the box next to the jug.  We’ll announce the winner on Monday, April 16th. Good Luck!

National Library Week Poster