International Open Access Week, October 24-30

It’s International Open Access Week (Oct 24-30), and we wanted to recognize University of Iowa faculty’s efforts in supporting open access. Who among your collegues supports open access? Check this year’s list of OA Authors, then thank them for publishing in an open access journal.

In addition to publishing in open access journals, faculty can support open access by:
1.Depositing pre-prints, post-prints and associated data files in an open access disciplinary or institutional repository like Iowa Research Online (
2.Accepting invitations to referee papers or serving on editorial boards of OA journals.
3.Serving on promotion and tenure committees and making sure that publishing in a peer-reviewed OA journal is not penalized.
4.Working with members of your professional society to make sure they understand open access. Persuading the organization to investigate making its own journals open access.

For more information about Open Access, talk with a librarian or visit the Libraries Open Access website.