Fluxus is messing with my mind

So why, while I was photographing this object

Photo of 2 Wooden Rulers

Two Wooden Rulers, 1970

 did I think of this painting?

Reclining Venus

Reclining Venus, oil on canvas by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres; image from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jean-Auguste-Dominique_Ingres_-_Reclining_Venus_-_Walters_372392.jpg

Thanks to Fluxus, I don’t think I can look at the world the same again. Anything can be art. Anything has the possibility of becoming art. There can be beauty in anything. Even wooden rulers nestled in bubble wrap can conjure up an image of Venus.

Or perhaps, I have been alone with this collection and my thoughts a little too long….