The DADA Bluff

The title of the work is “Dada is everywhere”. Thinking the title of the work hinted at a practical joke such as “this bag will LITERALLY explode and letters of ‘D’ and ‘A’ would spill everywhere” we were careful in their extraction. We had run into works such as a work called Flux Snow Game which George Maciunas ingeniously devised which entails one opening the box and *poof* a bunch of tiny Styrofoam balls fly out and stick to everything and another work “Fluxbox Containing God” of which we were not meant to discover the insides -unless ‘God’ is made of yellow ooze that happened to seal the box -. Needless to say, we have become a little leery of the objects in this collection, and try to read into the title of the works as a clue to their behavior.

Perhaps Monte Cazzara, the creator of Dada is Everywhere, was playing with the philosophy one would develop after constant interaction with other Fluxus objects. Dada was not indeed everywhere, but neatly stacked and glued together, totally messing with our preconceived notions. We had to scrap our intention of laying the letters out linearly to scan them, but at least the letters were not sticking to our clothes. Once again, we thought we had figured out the Fluxus collection, and it points its finger and slaps its knee. This collection is full of surprises.




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