Come Explore Our Library! Tool Library!!

Did you know that we have a Tool Library?? We are one of the few academic libraries in the country that have one!  There are hand tools, measuring tools, LabQuest, technology tools AND a MaKey MaKey! All available to for you to check out!  Check our Circulation Policy for complete details and information.

11 Piece Computer Toolkit
11 Piece Computer Toolkit

Tired of digging around trying to find just the right tool to separate those little plastic pieces while working on your computer? We’ve got an 11-piece computer tool kit – complete with scissor clamp tweezers and 2 nylon spludgers! Looking for just the right size Hex Key while you are putting together your new furniture? We have both an SAE set and two metric sets. We have pliers, a socket set (standard and metric), wrenches and screwdrivers, including a screwdriver set specifically for video games! Be sure to check our hand tool section!

Or maybe you want to find out how much it is going to cost to run your refrigerator, sound system, television, gaming console and computer all at the same time? We have a power monitor that can show you the operating costs of household appliances. Need to measure your room to see if that new couch will fit? Check out our Laser Distance Measurer. It has a 100′ range and has +/- 3/22″ accuracy. We have a number of measuring tools – light meters, sound meters, infrared thermometers, Each tool has a link to a pdf file of the user manuals.

LabQuest 2 available in our Tool Library
LabQuest 2 available in our Tool Library

We have the LabQuest 2 complete with the tools needed to use it. The LabQuest Force Plate will measure the forces that are developed with stepping, jumping and other human-scale actions; the EKG sensor will measure the electrical waveforms produced during the contraction of the muscle – helping you determine the axis of the heart, and investigate the effect of the central nervous system has on reflex amplitude.  Check out all the LabQuest tools we have available. Each tool also has the user manual in pdf form and is available from the link.

We have Raspberry Pi 2 in our technology tool section! A credit-card sized computer created for learning and experimentation! Check out our August 28th blog specifically on Raspberry Pi!

MaKey MaKey Kit Engineering Tool Library Technology Tools
MaKey MaKey Kit
Engineering Tool Library Technology Tools


We have another great way to experiment and interact with your computer – MaKey MaKey! You plug it into your computer and you can use everyday conductive objects as new inputs to perform actions! Want a banana piano? You can make one with MaKey MaKey! Or you can draw a joystick and use it to play video games. You can even learn how to send an email using alphabet soup…


The Tool Library is made possible through donations from Geb Thomas, the Engineering Electronic Shop and Engineering Computer Services. Be sure to tell them “Thank You!” – we really appreciate their help in making our Tool Library one of the best! We are frequently adding new tools, so be sure to check out the webpage regularly!

Come and explore our library and investigate our Tool Library!



DIY for the Weekend – Raspberry Pi

Classes have started and you need a project to take your mind off all that homework you already have…. Try Raspberry Pi – it is more than just a yummy dessert!

It’s a small computer – credit-card sized – that is inexpensive and was designed with hacking and computer experimentation in mind.  The introduction to Raspberry Pi Projects by Andrew Robinson and Mike Cook, likens learning to use computers with learning to cook – everyone should have those basic skills. That doesn’t mean that everyone will become professional chefs or computer programmers, but it is good to know those basics. Eben Upton developed Raspberry Pi while working with computer science students at Cambridge University. He found that students weren’t “tinkering” with their computers. So he developed an inexpensive – around $25 – computer that is designed to be hacked and used for experimentation. Raspberry Pi is a great way to learn the basics of Linux or Python programming, and electronics.

Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi 2

Want to geocache from the comfort of your car? You can do that with Raspberry Pi! Maybe the only kind of pet you are allowed to have in your dorm or apartment is fish. Trying to maintain the proper water temperature can be tricky.  So, make a smart, communicative thermometer to let you know when the water in your fish tank fluctuates to a dangerous degree.  You can do it using Raspberry Pi. Or how about making a lamp that creates mood lighting, but can also check your Twitter messages? You can, with Raspberry Pi.

We have resources to help you get started with your Raspberry Pi experimentation. For the reader who has never used it before, Raspberry Pi from the “Teach Yourself Visually” is available. For those ready for a more in-depth manual, check out Mastering the Raspberry Pi.  We have books with Raspberry Pi projects and hacks that will walk you through working with both software and hardware, from games like Minecraft to controlling a LEGO robot to creating a one person band.

Piqued your interest? Want to try your hand at using a Raspberry Pi? We have one in the Tool Library!  We also have many other tools to help you as you tinker and explore. The lamp that creates mood lighting and checks your Twitter account calls for a multimeter – we have that in the Tool Library, too.  Incidentally, the mood-lighting-Twitter-checking lamp is called a “Giraffe Mood Lamp” in Make: raspberry Pi and AVR projects. You’ll have to check it out to find out why! Don’t have a Twitter account yet? We have Twitter for Dummies.

We have what you need to get started with Raspberry Pi – and it could be just the project you need for this weekend!


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Raspberry Pi 2. Lichtenberger Engineering Library Tool Library

Multimeter (Voltmeter). Lictenberger Engineering Library Tool Library.


Other Resources:

Raspberry Pi official website

Raspberry Pi 2: Six things you can (and can’t) do. February 11, 2015.  Information Week.

Build a Raspberry Pi powered joke machineMaker Media. Date Accessed: August 25, 2015

What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation? We Updated Our Library!!

What did you do on your summer vacation?

New computers, computer tables and chairs!
New computers, computer tables and chairs!

It’s hard to believe that the fall semester is about to begin! The campus is full of students eager to start classes and see all the changes that have occurred on the campus over the summer.

On our summer “vacation” we updated the Lichtenberger Engineering Library! We have 20 new computers, along with new chairs and computer tables. We also now have two scanners – the brand-new-just-added scanner is a high-speed, face-up book capture system that is as quick and easy to use as a copy machine. We also have two printers that are accessible from either your laptop or the library desktop computers. Both scanners, the print stations and the copier are all located together for easy access.

Pod 1: Complete with MediaScape!
Pod 1: Complete with MediaScape!


We have a variety of spaces for all your studying needs. Besides the 20 new computers, we have 12 computers in the multi-purpose room and 2 pods for group study – one of which has a MediaScape. We have both group study tables and study carrels for individual use. The lower level is a quiet study space complete with study carrels, easy chairs, bean bag chairs, and gamer chairs. The 150,000 books in our collection are also located on the lower level and cover subject matter from Aeronautics to Z-80 Programming.

There is also a wonderful collection of DVDs – everything from Mythbusters, Junkyard Wars, How It’s Made, Extreme Engineering, and a host of other titles that are all available by asking at the circulation desk.  Journal subscriptions cover everything from Road & Travel, SWE, Make Magazine, to The Journal of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics.

We have access to over 3,000 e-resources and online subject guides covering information for all the engineering majors.  You can access IEEExplore, over 20,000 Standards, Patents, a citation guide, information on Engineering ethics, copyright and open access information. There is also a wide range of handbooks and digital publications, all available from the Lichtenberger Engineering Library homepage. You can search course reserves, databases and e-journals directly from our homepage, too.  If you want more information about our resources and how they can be used, we offer Xpress Classes – short 30 minute introductory classes led by specialized librarians. Classes begin September 3rd and are held on Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. in the Library multi-purpose room. The final class will be held on November 19th. Each class is designed to help get you started using the various resources that will help you with your assignments and projects.

Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi 2

We are also one of the only academic libraries in the country with a Tool Library! We have hand tools, LabQuest, measuring tools, and technology tools – wrenches, Hex Keys, Screwdrivers, Computer toolkit, calipers, angle locators, light meters, tubular spring scales, acoustic microphone, and an eyeball webcam to name a few. AND we have just added a MaKey MaKey Kit and Raspberry Pi 2!


Explore our homepage – with inks to new books, resources, our blog, and how to get help. Then come explore the library! We are at 2001 Seamans Center – just off the Student Commons. Our hours are listed on our homepage – so stop in!

Head Librarian, Kari Kozak and Informatics Librarian, Qianijn (Marina) Zhang, are available for research consultations and all our staff are available to help you find the resources you need! And don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest!

Come see all we have to offer – we look forward to seeing you soon!

Qianjin (Marina) Zhang, Engineering & Informatics Librarian
Qianjin (Marina) Zhang, Engineering & Informatics Librarian
Kari Kozak Head, Lichtenberger Engineering Library