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Disclaimers: With Responsive Design becoming increasingly popular, I don’t make any claims for this being a complete list (I AM happy to add new sites, so send them along). Also, the list is biased toward sites that are closest to home for me – Libraries (especially medical libraries) and Univ of Iowa. [Updated 5.13]

Higher Ed

Other Library Related


Other notable Responsive Design sites

Other Lists

If you have additions, please tell me on Twitter (@ericrumsey).

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Original introductory paragraph:

Responsive Design (RWD) is a new way to make web pages look good on any size screen, from mobile to desktop. To see how it works, go to any of the sites below, and squeeze the window to see how it looks on mobile. See screenshots in Karine Joly’s good article on higher ed RWD sites, which is the kernel from which this list started. Academic library RWD sites are now integrated in with the general Higher Ed list.

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