Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room @Hardin Library

Notes from the John Martin Rare Book Room      August 2013

MARC JEAN BOURGERY (1797-1849). Traité complet de l’anatomie de l’homme, comprenant la médecine opératoire.  Paris: 1831-1854.

Bourgery’s work is without question one of the most beautifully illustrated anatomical and surgical treatises ever published in any lanBourgery-1569-tome 1-fp-001guage. The 726 hand-colored lithographs were executed after drawings by Nicolas Henri Jacob (1781-1871), a pupil of David. Jacob made his drawings from dissections and other anatomical preparations. Bourgery studied medicine at Paris where he interned under Laennec and Dupuytren and won gold medals for excellence from the Paris faculty of medicine and hospital administration. After ten years as health officer at Romilly, Bourgery returned to Paris to continue his career in anatomy and surgery. Bourgery divided his treatise into four parts which covered descriptive anatomy, surgical anatomy and techniques, general anatomy, and embryology and microscopic anatomy. Four volumes of the set are devoted to surgical anatomy and cover in detail nearly all the major operations that were performed during the first half of the nineteenth century.