Scopus ends support of IE8 as of 1 Oct 2015

Scopus is following Microsoft’s directive to focus support on newer, officially-supported IE versions.


ProQuest Digital Microfilm and IE

When using Internet Explorer to access ProQuest Digital Microfilm, you may need to take the following steps:

  1. Open database in IE
  2. Go to Tools — “Compatibility View settings”
  3. “Add this website:” proquest.com
  4. Close the settings, and close the browser as well
  5. Open a new window; from now on that resource should work in IE

Browser Advice for NCBI Web Pages (including PubMed)

NCBI provides a list of tips for common problems when using their website: Browser Advice for NCBI Web Pages.


ILLiad and Google Chrome

We are currently experiencing difficulty with the Google Chrome browser. If you are unable to access the Interlibrary Loan sign-in page via Chrome please log into ILLiad first (via http://uiowa.illiad.oclc.org/illiad/illiad.dll ) and then resubmit your request. Or, try a different browser.


Cyber-Anatomy and Mac OSX

Currently Cyber-Anatomy is unable to run on OSX Maverick or Mountain Lion. The latest Cyber-Anatomy rebuild should solve this problem in January 2014; until then they recommend Mac users to make use of virtual desktop or dual-boot solutions.


Internet Explorer and Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press has reported that their databases may occasionally experience problems with Internet Explorer. Some drop-down menu choices from within a database will open a new window or tab; please enable pop-ups for this functionality to work.


Quick tip: Clear your cache

When experiencing a browser problem it is often useful to clear the cache. Even after a problem has been fixed you may continue to experience it if the browser is using stored data for quick retrieval.


If you are uncertain how to clear your browser’s cache, please refer to http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache.


You can also bypass your cache when you reload a page:

  • Internet Explorer:  Ctrl + reload
  • Mozilla Firefox:  Shift + reload
  • Google Chrome:  Shift + reload
  • Apple Safari:  Ctrl or Shift + reload

ScienceDirect PDF problems

Elsevier has acknowledged a problem with opening PDFs in ScienceDirect in some browsers using the Adobe plugin, on some versions of Windows. They are working on this problem.


In the meantime, try one of these workarounds:


1. Save the PDF locally before opening it.


2. Change preferences in Adobe Reader:

  • Edit –> Preferences
  • Select “Internet,” then uncheck “Display PDF in browser”
  • Select “Okay,” then close Reader and reopen your browser.

iOS Safari cookies and SmartSearch

If you are unable to log in to SmartSearch when using the mobile version of the Safari browser, you may need to reset your cookies permissions. In the browser settings change Accept Cookies from “Never” to “From Visited.”

You can read more about iOS Safari’s problematic cookie settings at “Mobile Safari’s default cookies settings changing randomly.”