Improved searching of Wallace Collection

We have recently improved the searching of our Henry A Wallace Collection. This enhancement makes finding letters, telegrams, postcards or memorandum much easier.

Wallace Collection homepage

In 1975, Earl M. Rogers and Leslie W. Dunlap published an index to the letters in our microfilm collection as well as to the correspondence in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library (Micro film 18327) and Library of Congress microfilm collections. The two volumes have been essential to find materials in these collections.

Display of name search

We have converted this print index into a searchable database. The results will link to our digitized materials or to the reel number for the other collections.

When you start typing in the correspondent search box, names will appear, showing the number of results for each name, based on sender or recipient. Select the name you want and press search.

The resulting list includes everything to or from the individual you selected.  The film numbers for the Iowa microfilm link directly to the digitized version.

The results display in date order. You can re-sort the columns by sender, recipient or film number.

Display of search results

You can also search by year or by multiple years.

If you are interested in a specific date, try the general search box, formatting the date with the year first, e.g. 1945-04-12. This top search box also allows you to search by first name or by a last name to get correspondence for everyone with that last name.

This project would not have been possible without our programmer Rajendra Sedhain or our student assistant Lisa Mendenhall.

Try out the great new interface at!