Innovation in history

The Libraries is currently preparing to play host to area junior high and high school student researchers participating in National History Day, a program that teaches critical thinking, research, and presentation skills through a nationwide contest.

Below are a few images from Iowa Digital Library related to this year’s theme, Innovation in History: Impact and Change.

 Diesel locomotive from the Rock Island Railroad, drawing, ca. 1937

James Van Allen in his laboratory, The University of Iowa, 1953

Evelyn Birkby driving a tractor, Shenandoah, Iowa, 1950s

Surgical instruments, engraving, 1655

Men driving automobile, Iowa City, Iowa, 1920s

“Preparing sweet corn for freezing…” by A.M. Wettach, ca. 1948

Carl Menzer broadcasting, The University of Iowa, ca. 1930

“The laugh is on  you,” postcard, 1917